The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a Well Rounded Device!

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a Symbian-based smartphone with a natural curvature for comfortable use; it is focused messaging device with a strong entertainment core. It has a QWERTY keyboard to help speed the process of typing and e-mail integration that allows you to handle multiple accounts on the go. Vivaz Pro has a 3.2-inch touch screen to accompany a fully functioning keyboard and has a video recorder capable of filming in 720p nHD quality.

Sony Ericsson's design team has designed the Vivaz Pro for comfortable handling while maintaining the idea of ​​a QWERTY keyboard to support multiple messaging features. This can be achieved by keeping the curved chassis of the original Vivaz but made slightly thicker to accommodate the keyboard, the new Vivaz Pro dimensions 109 x 52 x 15mm and weighs only 117grams, even with the added bulk is just an extra 20grams.

Devices running the Symbian operating system and has a user interface S6O, the general function of this phone a high standard. The touch screen is very receptive and made light work of simple finger commands and user interface provides several features of modern graphics to play with. 5 mega pixel digital camera can satisfy all of your photographic needs and as mentioned earlier it offers 720p nHD video recorder for novice filmmakers.

Along with the built-in ExchangeActiveSynch and e-mail integration Vivaz Pro offers a package that gives you a social network dedicated applications for both Twitter and Facebook, they give you the ability to manage your account, update your status and tweet mischievous move. With 3G technology in the mobile phone where you can receive a constant stream of status updates and tweets to your phone and there are pre-installed feature allows for instant messaging.

Vivaz Pro comes with navigation services; WisePilot, GoogleMaps and built-in aGPS should get you from A-B is fine and the phone also provides you with a high shot web connectivity via Wi Fi and 3G. Enhanced Bluetooth has been embedded into the software to transfer files between compatible devices and mobile phones accelerometer function properly cooperate with a QWERTY keyboard for fast messaging and browsing.

As you would expect with a phone Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro sports an excellent multimedia player, the phone supports various audio or video formats, and both visual and sound smooth and delicate, the sound is very full and precise bass, crystal clear video and running smoothly. With the mobile phone network connections social and entertainment features Sony Ericsson has been quite easy to include the device by sharing the video link to Facebook and YouTube, it's handy to capture those special and rare opportunity possible and share it with the world, or if you'd rather just be friends.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a well rounded device that provides users with a great support for communication, messaging and entertainment; it is to receive and handle touch control is excellent. No significant amount of effort has been put into the design and functionality of this phone and I see no reason why it would not do well in the Smartphone market.

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