Learning Applications For High Schools and Colleges

After a long vacation and spending the holidays with recreation it's time you go back to school and study as usual, when school time arrives usually many of the students are lazy to go to school because of the length of the holidays so the atmosphere vacation they still want to enjoy.

When studying in school with such conditions does not allow the lessons that have been delivered by the subject teacher to be digested by the brain, as a result the lessons that have been delivered by the teacher in school you can not understand at all.

Learning Applications For High Schools and Colleges

In addition, the cause of the laziness of children to learn is because they do not understand if there is no one to teach, need guidance or tutoring to be able to understand one subject that cannot be understood by students.

Therefore we have recommended a number of sites or places so that you can learn more deeply with interesting videos that have been provided at a price that is relatively cheap than other tutorials out there. Okay what are the applications and learning sites that are suitable for students and even students studying? Here are some of the lists:

Ruang Guru

Ruang Guru office is one of the applications that is one of the best works of Indonesian youth by presenting many useful videos for elementary, junior high, high school students and even prospective students who want to take the UTBK test or better known as SBMPTN.

With a quality tutor teacher many users who get better and competent quality education, students can learn anywhere and anytime according to their own volition.

But to be able to access one of the videos in the teacher's room you must have an internet quota so that video streaming runs smoothly, besides watching videos in the teacher's room is not free, you have to subscribe depending on the package provided and of course with varying prices. Here are some video subscription packages in the teacher's room along with the prices:

Master Room subscription package 6 months Rp.520,000 40% discount Just pay 312 thousand. Total discount is 208 thousand

  • 1 Year Package Rp.930,000 50% discount Just pay 465 thousand. A total of 465 thousand discounts
  • 2 Year Package Rp. 1,450,000 50% discount enough to pay 725 thousand
  • 1.5 year subscription package 1,040,000 discount 40% enough to pay 624 thousand. Total discounted 416 thousand
  • Package 1 Semester High School + SBMPTN Rp.775,000 40% discount enough to pay 465 thousand. Total discount of 310 thousand

You can choose the package according to your needs and certainly with the quality of a qualified supervisor and relatively inexpensive price.


Similarly, the Zenius teacher room is also one of the applications that plays a role in improving education in Indonesia by presenting quality videos to be easily understood by its users.

In addition, Zeniuz is also highly recommended for high school students who want to continue their studies by taking the SBMPTN pathway where many questions are almost the same as the SBMPTN questions.

The price set for subscribing to Zenius is also very cheap, cheaper than the teacher's room but the quality is almost the same, the teacher's room also provides learning videos for elementary school students up to senior high level including SBMPTN exercises / simulations. The following is a list of subscriptions at Zenius and their prices:

  • Membership 3, Day IDR 10,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 3 days
  • 7 Days Membership, Rp. 20,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 7 days
  • 1 Month Membership, Rp. 60,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 1 month
  • 6 Months Membership, IDR 300,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 6 months
  • 12 Months Membership, IDR 400,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 12 months
  • 24 Months Membership, Rp. 600,000, Get access to all zenius.net videos for 24 months

With a relatively affordable price to make pockets, especially students are not too much in spending, but the quality provided is very good and suitable for learning anywhere and anytime.


In contrast to the 2 applications above the application made in India presents an excellent learning application but at a free price, waawww really awesome right?

But even if it is not paid or free, this application has many videos that are not less good than the 2 applications above, videos that are easy to understand and certainly very useful.

Hope in the future with this free learning application, many students will be helped especially for the Indonesian region and can improve the quality of education.

I think it is enough until here our interesting article this time don't forget to keep learning so that your goals are easily achieved and of course stay obedient to parents, see you in the next article and thank you.

Writer : Bacasuper

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