Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung's Innovation Form

 Samsung may be displaced at this time from the Indonesian market share. However, this does not mean they gave up in presenting a smartphone with a variety of unique features throughout 2019.

Samsung this year is also enough to be the center of attention with its new strategy to expand the family to the middle class. The country market is currently the arrival of the Galaxy As family, a new generation that is claimed to be able to reach the same consumers with several manufacturers from China.Don't forget they also have Galaxy Note, a special family that is the most sophisticated product that Samsung presents every year. The editorial desk of the technology channel this time had the chance to try out the Galaxy Note 10+ further.

As the name implies, the use of the symbol "+" as a sign he is a smartphone with the most sophisticated specifications in the same family. Indeed there are some differences that can be seen physically, and specifications.

One thing is certain, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ comes with several advantages that make it so special. What are these advantages? What are the shortcomings of the Galaxy Note 10+? The following is's review .

Elegant Color Elements

Galaxy Note 10+ carries a larger screen size. The regular version installs a 6.3 inch screen, and the Galaxy Note 10+ has a 6.8 inch screen. A larger screen further provides a wider usage experience thanks to the Infinity-O concept.

This means it has no bangs but can still provide a front camera. A wider screen experience is proven by the screen to body ratio reaching 91 percent, not forgetting the Dynamic AMOLED panel resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

Plus the edge of the screen frame , users can give commands in almost all corners of the screen. To ensure durability, the Samsung screen with Gorilla Glass 6. The large screen certainly impacts on the rear body which is also large, including when held by one hand.

Galaxy Note 10+ embeds the impression of elegance or premium through the choice of colors offered. The unit that I tested uses the Aura Black color, black with gloss when reflected in light.

The rear body doesn't display much decoration. You can immediately see the three rear cameras in one vertical frame. Next to it there is an LED flash and two other sensors to improve the quality of photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

There is no longer a fingerprint scanner with a typical model that Samsung usually attaches to the premium series, there is only the Samsung logo with a color composition that is not too bright. One drawback that I see on the back of the body is a coating material that easily leaves fingerprint marks.

The Samsung Galaxy note 10+ doesn't require a complicated physical interface. Unlike Chinese smartphone manufacturers, this smartphone has a Bixby and volume buttons on the left side. Yes, Samsung does not already provide physical buttons for power.

I will turn it on or off in the interface section. The dual SIM card slot is on the top edge, accompanied by a microphone hole. At the bottom edge there is a place to store S-Pen, USB-C port for charging, speaker holes , and microphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

On this side are also seen two antenna paths, one separating the S-Pen location. Since it has an edge screen, the right and left edges tend to be thin, but still provide the right grip.

Exclusive and Complete Ecosystems

A good body is equipped with optimal software. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ embeds the OneUI interface with an Android 9 base. Samsung has ensured that the latest generation of Note devices will get Android 10.

One distinctive feature of Samsung's interface is the presence of the Bixby function, which so far can show that its role is better than the built-in digital assistant Android. Bixby has also been equipped with artificial intelligence, which can see patterns of user habits, manage personal schedules, to provide notification recommendations based on priority.

You can access all Bixby functions and settings directly via the button on the left edge. Since this left button is for Bixby, the way to turn off the cellphone or take a screenshot is also different. There are two ways to deactivate Galaxy Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

The first way is to access the notification panel, and press the power button. The second way is to hold the Bixby button and the volume down simultaneously until the power option appears. Meanwhile, to turn on the smartphone simply by holding the Bixby button. 

To take a screenshot, press the Bixby button and the volume down simultaneously and quickly. The OneUI interface is lightweight and complete. Aesthetically, it is designed to be able to display all the important things that are needed in a simple way rather than filling the screen.

Plus, it is also easy to operate with one hand. You can access all installed applications by sliding the panel up. Can also display a collection of important applications on the front page by creating a shortcut .

The notifications that immediately appear on the front page are also designed quite precisely so that they don't become distracting enough. This interface also supports Dark Mode. Because it has an S Pen, the interface on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ provides special functions.

Once issued, the S Pen can immediately operate like an ordinary pen. You can give scribbles, take notes, crop images, or send messages directly. A more complete function will be when pressing the button on the S Pen.

When saved, the S Pen will automatically charge, and the battery's status will appear as a notification at the top of the screen. In addition, similar to the previous Galaxy Note series, namely Note 9, the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10+ also functions as a camera remote shutter.

In addition to the camera's remote shutter , the S Pen is also a controller when making presentations. You can also access features on the camera menu with the S Pen Galaxy Note 10, by using a sliding gesture in the air.

The camera is getting better

Armed with four camera sensors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is clearly an upgrade from its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 9 which is armed with a dual rear camera. On the back of the Galaxy Note 10+ is a wide-angle camera and telephoto lens similar to its predecessor.

However, this new version of the device is also supported by an ultra wide camera with the ability to include a wider field of view and a depth sensor to produce a better bokeh effect when shooting portraits.

This ultra wide camera allows you to capture landscapes with a wider range, almost like the ability of a mirrorless or DSLR camera with the support of a fisheye lens .

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

In addition, photos in dim lighting conditions produced by Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ appear quite bright. But in photos with these dim lighting conditions, you can still find noise even though it doesn't interfere with the overall display.

However, Samsung is more favoring the ability of this Galaxy Note 10+ camera in terms of video recording. Galaxy Note 10+ armed with a feature called Super Steady, an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), is able to deliver minimal shaking and stable recording results, even if recorded while walking.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is also supported by the Zoom-in Audio feature, the ability to focus the sound that will be recorded on video by zooming in to the object you want.

No Problem Without Snapdragon

Just like the previous generation, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ adopted the Exynos chipset for several markets, including Indonesia. Exynos 9825 is Samsung's most sophisticated chipset at this time, with Mongoose M4, Cortex-A75, and Cortex-A55 architecture.

This GPU chipset uses Mali-G76 MP12. Chipset that has the highest caste from Samsung is a duet with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage memory. This means users will not find lag in various usage scenarios.

Throughout the use, we did not find lag so you don't need to worry when accessing many applications, both social media or while watching Netflix, and playing games for some time. 

Looking at the graphics below, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has managed to beat some of its competitors, which actually aren't that many. It can produce a difference of up to 2,000 points for PCMark testing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

As for visual performance with 3DMark, this smartphone still has a score of up to 200 points better. One supporting factor is software and OS that can operate optimally and efficiently.

This high performance also means users can play games with the best visual quality, including the PUBG Mobile game. Performance when playing games will also be better thanks to the Game Launcher, which will provide several functions to be able to run the game to the fullest, without excessive heat.

For batteries, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ still loses from a number of cellphones made by Huawei. In testing PCMark, this smartphone can last up to 9 hours, shorter than the Huawei Mate 30 Pro which can last for 16 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Innovations

However, keep in mind that these results are obtained from intensive use scenarios, which do not always occur in everyday life. Endurance for 9 hours is quite good, because it can sustain your high productivity and who often bring a cell phone to work from seven in the morning, until home at nine in the evening.

Samsung also supports the Galaxy Note 10+ battery with fast charging technology, with a power of 15W.

As a premium class phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is able to offer what cannot be offered on other phones in the same class. He always has a special place in the hearts of Samsung users, especially those who are familiar with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family.

Luxurious design, good camera quality, lightweight software but a complete ecosystem, are some of the advantages that make it worth buying. S Pen is also a special device and always can not make competitors move. 

Not without weaknesses, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a body that easily leaves fingerprint marks. The battery should also have better endurance, along with the development of battery and charging technology. However, as a premium user, a smartphone with an initial price announced of Rp. 16.5 million is still worth your possession.

Specification Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
ProcessorExynos 9825 
The GPUMali-G76 MP12
OSAndroid 9 Pie, One UI
Internal Memory 256GB
CameraRear 12MP + 12MP + 16MP + 3D VGA ToF 
Front 10MP
Battery4,300 mAh
ScreenDynamic AMOLED 6.8 inches 1440 x 3040 pixels
PriceIDR 16,499,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • Cool color elements
  • S Pen is still special
  • The screen is very sharp
  • The best performance in its class
  • Batteries last less long
  • Body easily attaches fingerprints

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