Text Messaging on Android Will Get an iMessage Feature

 The latest information leaks indicate that text messages on Android devices will soon receive important updates, including a number of interesting features that have been available on competing devices over the past few years.

RCS or Rich Communication Service, is a messaging protocol that is ready to support the ability of the next generation of text messaging for Android, such as the Phone Arena report . Until now, Google has not succeeded in making RCS a universal standard.

However, this effort has made steady progress for wider adoption, and a hacker named Jane Manchun revealed on Twitter that Google is also working to bring more features to Android Messages, including emoji reactions .

In his tweet, the beta code for Messages displays the emoji reaction feature functionality, allowing users to express approval, mistrust, and more for a particular message by selecting the emoji that appears next to it.

This feature is already available on other popular messaging clients, such as Facebook Messenger, or on Apple iMessages called by the name of Tapback. This feature has not been officially released yet, but the presence of RCS adds a number of modern conveniences such as reading receipts, typing reminders and messages via Wi-Fi or LTE.

Text messaging on Android will have to catch up with this contemporary feature to be able to match the experience offered by other competitors. Previously, Google decided to integrate Duo with a dialer application on Samsung Galaxy S20 line devices.

This allows users to start video calls more easily with one of their contacts. Users also claimed not to need to access a separate application, and only need to access Contacts, select Duo video calls and the intended contact.

Meanwhile, Google is reportedly testing the best features of Play Music, allowing users to upload their music library, to be applied to YouTube Music. This feature is claimed as a barrier to Play Music users to switch to YouTube Music.

Google is testing the ability to upload music libraries for YouTube Music internally, indicating that this giant technology company is getting closer to switching Play Music users to YouTube Music.

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