YouTube Music Now Allow Upload Music

Google again made further steps to unite its two music streaming services, namely Play Music and YouTube Music. Google plans to move all Play Music subscribers to YouTube Music.

But to achieve this goal, the company based in Mountain View, California must pass several points of achievement. The first achievement is to add all the features that prevent Play Music users from voluntarily switching to YouTube Music.

For example, the ability to upload music collections on Google Play Music not only preserves all the user's songs, but will also allow users to send them to YouTube Music.

Now, YouTube Music is rolling out one of the most requested features of users, namely the ability to upload music. All users can now upload their songs and albums, and listen to them while on the go.

Google offers YouTube Music users two ways to upload music from a computer, by dragging files from any surface to or visiting and clicking on the user's profile picture, then uploading music.

Unfortunately, none of these methods can be used on mobile phones. But don't be disappointed You can also Download Youtube Via Android. At this time, it is not possible to upload user music from the YouTube Music mobile application. On the other hand, this new feature supports the most popular file formats in the music industry, including FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WMA.

This capability also allows music that users upload to only be played by their accounts, even if the user is a member of the family subscription package and shares uploaded playlists with other users.

In addition, Google also announced that it would soon offer features to meet users' desires for a method to move the Play Music library seamlessly. The search engine giant also confirmed that Google Play Music will remain the same for now.

Google also said that it would announce to all users, if the company plans to replace it with YouTube Music.

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